User Acquisition tracking tools and User retention tools for a Mobile First Business

This article is to outline the recommended user acquisition tracking and user retention tools that a Mobile First Business like OneKyat in Myanmar , Carousell in SE Asia, Shpock in Europe  needs to use to better track its organic and inorganic growth activities. Tools like this allows the marketing strategist to closely track the performance of each of its marketing channels and ensure bang for the buck.

User Acquisition

First, to track the efficiency of our marketing channels and marketing spend, we need a tool like Appsflyer. It helps to track the app installs conversions and allow us to know how our various marketing channels, like Facebook , Google and Zapya.


User retention

Second, a tool like Braze (former Appboy) or Kahuna is necessary to help send app notification reminders to remind users  to come back to re-visit the app to buy/sell  as a means of user retention in the mobile classifieds space.  If the start-up is short on funds to use a proper tool like Kahuna/Braze , the other tool to use as a stop-gap would be Firebase Analytics for Apps from Google. However, it provides a very basic notification feature but will suit the needs for now as the start-up seizes market share and secures more VC funding.


That’s all for this short article. I will share more on more tools for consideration in my next article.

Francis Goh

Start-up SEM Coach

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